Superfast Payments with Simple,
Secure & Innovative Payment Method

Accept Payments In-Store, Online & At Customer’s Home

Keep pace with the new and emerging technology by adopting QR code payments. Any bank debit or credit card can be used to pay using the scan to pay functionality. Banks & independent service providers can also use QR code payments for acquiring merchants and improving cash flow. Through QR code payments, businesses can reduce the risk of keystroke errors and speed up the payment processing time.

Easy & Secure Payments in Seconds

No need to share sensitive details

Easy to set up and use

Beneficial for merchants and customers

Users can pay with one click

Faster Go-To-Market

Fully compliant network & endpoints. Ready-to-Integrate Live Host & Infrastructure. Easily customizable for specific solutions. Workflows inline with Payment Industry Standards.

Low Cost & Agile Solution

Low CapEx required for initial environment setup. Inexpensive Hardware meeting Global Standards. No Development Costs. Swift Responses to requests. Expert Technical team for Support

Secure Environment

Completely Secure inline with PCI-DSS Standards. High Availability through redundant systems. Robust Setup built for high volumes. Real-time replication to distinct PCI-DSS certified site. Lossless Switch to secondary in case of Emergency.

QR Code Payments Features

Static QR Code

Fixed QR code remains constant for every transaction. It can be displayed as a physical sticker or a table top at payment counter. Customer has to manually input the transaction amount in the issuer’s app.

Dynamic QR Code

A different QR code is generated for each transaction with amount automatically inputted. Cannot be displayed as a physical sticker due to its dynamic nature. Merchant needs to input the transaction amount

Automatic Settlements
Settlements are automatically done in just T+1 day without the need for any manual intervention. Merchants get more time on their hand to take care of their business.
Secure Transactions
Security is of utmost importance to us and our solution has been fully tested & certified as per the leading international standards.

Transaction Screen Flow in Mini POS


Get the QR Code Advantage

✓ No need for credit/debit cards
✓ There is no need to invest in any hardware
✓ Cut down on maintenance cost
✓ Reliable solution with fast transactions
✓ QR code can be used at any location
✓ Option to use static or dynamic QR code
✓ Print the QR code and display near cash counter
✓ No limit on the number of transactions
✓ String security and back up

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